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​Our mission at Lond Capital is to deliver winning results to our clients time and time again.

We achieve this through constant focus on our clients, a deep understanding of our markets, globally minded and committed people and responsibility and integrity in the way we interact with our communities and manage our impact on the environment.


By choosing Lond Capital, you are selecting a winning team who are known for their creativity, innovation and dedication towards your success.

"Lond Capital did a great job in getting the message out, and arranging a roadshow in London. Specifically the communication to the specialist key investors in our sector created fruitful meetings and contacts. Their participation allowed us effectively to delegate investor targeting and focus on other issues. I would love to work with Dan again.” - Franz Jurkowitsch, Chairman of the Management Board, Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG


"Lond Capital made a considerable contribution by preparing company presentation and providing roadshow services. Their ability to prepare the roadshow documentation at very short notice was a great example of their responsiveness to the overall needs of the programme and their strong desire to ensure the success of our campaign." - Aitor Galarza, Director of Quality and Strategy, CAF Group


"Their knowledge and advice was invaluable. Getting them engaged in preparing roadshow presentation enabled us to refine our investor targeting message, improve pitch and prepare for meetings with investors. Great job!" - Andreas Feuerstein, Investor Relations, SIMMO AG


"Their investor targeting campaign is impressive and it is always a pleasure to work with them. The Lond Capital team is exceptionally professional. We were impressed by their level of support and the engagement they facilitated with our investor relations goals. We highly recommend their services.” - Martin Theyer, Former Director of Strategy & IR/PR, AT&S


"I was not aware of the company before. Through Lond Capital research, I found interesting information about them. It is a good investment case and I will speak with my funds." - David Johnson, Head of Research, Northland Capital Partners

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