• Institutional In-depth financial research aiming to maximize the company's investment case exposure, improve visibility and increase investor understanding
• A company report including a business model and strategy synopsis, financial forecasts, equity valuation and key sensitivities

• Strategic research distribution through traditional channels, in addition to our bespoke global distribution list
• Feedback from sector analysts, institutional investors and private client wealth managers, which includes detailed profiles and positions in peer group
• Generations of fresh demand and improved liquidity


​This programme delivers insightful and financially

in-depth research which maximise exposure of our client's unique investment case to potential investors. Our valuation approach combined with our sensitivity to catalysts allow our industry analysts to develop and advance an investment thesis on each company we cover.


*Please note that Lond Capital does not offer investment advice or execution service through the platform. Therefore it is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You are able to continue receiving corporate access under the new MiFiD II regime.

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