• Identification of investor sentiment and issues that influence reactions of institutional investors
• Direct feedback collected from the largest shareholders in the company and exposure in the sector (key analysts, fund managers and heads of equity departments) with disclosure of their valuation models with analyses on how the company meets their expectations
• Assessment of market expectations and concerns to ensure strategic communication and interaction with your investors
• Outcome scenarios of investor reaction, to company financial results and events
• Recommendation of what the company should do in the future to raise the interest of the buy-side community and enhance its position


​This programme is focused on perceptions of the company’s investment case, and its positives and negatives. The campaign aims to offer a deep understanding of the factors behind the company’s current valuations and provide advice regarding what can be improved.

*Please note that Lond Capital does not offer investment advice or execution service through the platform. Therefore it is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You are able to continue receiving corporate access under the new MiFiD II regime.

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