• Institutional screening based on their valuation models and fund managers’ strategy
• Comparative analysis of peers, the company and the market, based on fundamentals and valuation models
• Assessment of the impact of your targeting efforts, management team’s time spent on meeting with targeted investors, and resulting changes in the investors’ holdings
• Innovative investor targeting profiles with detailed insight on reactions to the historic events
• Outcome scenarios of future activity of your institutional investors

​• Roadshow management


This programme promotes our clients amongst a targeted pool of funds in order to generate fresh demand and improve liquidity. We coordinate our approach by working in cooperation with client's existing advisors. The campaign delivers insights on investor sentiment to the company, its results, sector, announcements and the market.

*Please note that Lond Capital does not offer investment advice or execution service through the platform. Therefore it is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You are able to continue receiving corporate access under the new MiFiD II regime.

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