• Strategic advice on corporate governance policies of institutional investors
• Institutional investors profile based on their policies, historical voting on key issues and influence of proxy advisory agencies on their voting decisions
• Ongoing coordination with organisers, registrars and contacts in proxy advisory agencies
• Voting outcome scenario and assessment of risks associated with each draft resolution
• Analysis of voting intentions and immediate feedback to the client with practical advice
• Strategic shareholder communication campaign with the voting decision makers to secure crucial votes
• Data stream for future investor relations strategy

​This programme is focused on maximising shareholder participation and in identifying shareholders that may have issues or concerns. The campaign aims to communicate the correct message at the right moment to secure crucial votes, engage with target groups and identify shareholders who have and have not voted.

*Please note that Lond Capital does not offer investment advice or execution service through the platform. Therefore it is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You are able to continue receiving corporate access under the new MiFiD II regime.

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