• Prepared strategy for hostile and friendly transactions
• Assessment on the form and content of ‘fight letters’ or similar documents with strategic advice
• Identification of institutional investors during the course of the campaign, including hedge fund positions and creation of their profile
• Assessment of institutional investors’ reaction on company resolutions
• Coordination of road shows
• Investor sentiment perception on the deal and soliciting support
• Analysis of voting intentions and immediate feedback with practical advice
• Information agent services and shareholder helpline
• Strategic shareholder communication campaign with the custodial chain, front office, back office, corporate actions departments, custodial banks and retail shareholders ensuring that an instruction is communicated


This programme is focused on engagement with your buy-side institutional investors, proxy advisory agencies, private client asset managers and retail shareholders, to ensure that resolutions are approved and votes are counted at the shareholder meeting.

*Please note that Lond Capital does not offer investment advice or execution service through the platform. Therefore it is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You are able to continue receiving corporate access under the new MiFiD II regime.

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